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The CoolCube 10 offers an exceptional cooling solution for electronics, computers and telecommunication equipment. The heat generated by this expensive equipment can cause numerous problems, including reduced lifespan, reduced reliability, and a slower network. A general rule with electronics is that every 10C temperature rise in nominal temperatures produces a 50 percent reduction in the lifetime and long-term reliability of equipment. Deploying a CoolCube will deliver an immediate return on investment.

Due to its modular design and powerful cooling capacity, CoolCube 10 can be deployed in a wide variety of applications, either as a permanent installation providing 24/7 cooling, or as a supplemental solution, such as cooling on nights and weekends when the building's main A/C is shut off. CoolCube 10 is also an ideal option to cool "hot spots" within a conditioned room, or as a temporary alternative for the planned or unexpected shutdown of a building's A/C system.

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