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CoolCube 10 is manufactured by MaxPower Corporation, a leading distributor of critical power and infrastructure solutions headquartered in Denver, CO. The CoolCube 10 product line is manufactured within the U.S. and constructed with only the highest quality parts and components. MaxPower is comprised of individuals whose experience in the air conditioning industry totals more than four decades. Our technical team has been involved in the design and development of seven different air conditioning solutions, while our management team has extensive leadership experience with the industry's leading air conditioning manufacturers.

Our proven track record of selling power protection and distribution systems into the computer room environment has proven invaluable in the creation of CoolCube, the industry's first modular air conditioning solution. We are not only familiar with the heat-generating equipment within these computer rooms and closets, but understand the specific requirements required in this next-generation of air conditioning solutions.

This knowledge and expertise has enabled MaxPower to deliver a revolutionary new air conditioning solution with an unprecedented combination of modularity, flexibility, performance, portability, and cost-effectiveness. The CoolCube 10 is setting a new standard in the air conditioning industry — smaller and more versatile than any other product on the market.

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