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The compact, modular design of the CoolCube adapts easily to virtually any market segment, making it the most flexible air conditioning solution in the industry. The unit's ability to be rack-mounted in standard 19-inch racks, coupled with its mobile, stacking and hanging options (above floor or in a drop ceiling), provide users with a variety of configuration options across multiple market segments, including:

IT Environments
Computer rooms and equipment closets—which house computers, servers, telecommunication equipment and various other electronic devices—are the lifeblood of companies industry-wide. With the latest servers generating more heat than their facilities can handle, organizations face a number of unpleasant choices—including building new facilities, postponing server purchases, or leaving costly space in computer rooms unoccupied in order to avoid overwhelming internal air conditioning systems.

Network managers are under pressure to find a solution to properly cool their server and wiring closets, where floor space is at a premium. CoolCube is the solution to ensure network reliability and safeguards your equipment into the future.

Industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, assembly lines and manufacturing plants are especially susceptible to high-heat environments that can benefit from portable air conditioning. The CoolCube protects equipment, processes, and employees from the damaging and costly consequences of excessive heat.

Excessive heat can make students and employees less productive and extremely uncomfortable. It can also be detrimental to computers, servers and other critical office equipment. As a cost-effective alternative to a central air conditioning system, spot cooling brings relief to the places you need it most - when you need it.

Health Care
New and improved health care technologies have resulted in an increase in heat-generating medical equipment. CoolCube helps keep equipment and practices up and running by providing necessary spot cooling. Whether used to temporarily cool various health care facilities or to provide supplemental air conditioning in applications such as labs, MRI rooms and imaging centers, CoolCube ensures that employees, patients and medical equipment all remain properly cooled.

With its easy portability and compact design, the CoolCube 10 offers a perfect solution for a wide variety of mobile professions, as well as for employees working in remote locations. When setting up provisional camps, teams such as Search & Rescue units and forest firefighters can rely on the CoolCube 10 to help reduce heat as they plan their strategy, rest and refuel, enabling team members to recover more quickly.

In addition, construction personnel and utility service representatives such as phone and electric company personnel can depend on the CoolCube 10 for convenient supplemental cooling or instant emergency back-up during a heat-related crisis. Delivering effective cooling to even the most compact environments such as manholes, the CoolCube 10 can be easily transported in the back of a truck or in full-size trunks, station wagons, and SUVs, providing users with a range of benefits ideal for mobile and remote environments.

The compact, easy-to-move design of the CoolCube, coupled with its cost-effectiveness, make it an ideal solution for special events and outdoor uses. Use the CoolCube to provide air conditioning relief for guests and attendees during outdoor parties, street fairs, sporting events, festivals, weddings and receptions, concerts and other venues.



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