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CoolCube 10 is the industry's only modular air conditioning solution. With a high quality design and unique features that set it apart from the competition, CoolCube 10 benefits include:

  • Compact unit is 50% smaller than competitors, but still provides 10,000 btu/hr of cooling per module
  • Automatic restart function for power outages
  • High airflow volume increases air circulation throughout the room
  • Highly economical and efficient way to cool "hot spots"
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost-effective alternative for weekend of after-hours cooling when the main system is shut down
  • Portable unit conveniently rolls into tight spaces and from room to room, or with tenant at the end of a lease
  • Small enough to store multiple modules in closet so you're prepared for planned or unplanned shut-down of main air conditioners
  • UL Listed for ceiling plenums
  • Installs into any standard 19-Inch rack open rack
  • UL Listed for stacking applications: Up to (3) modules high - 30,000 btu/hr of capacity
  • Uses standard 115 VAC power source
  • Provides N+1 redundancy if necessary for your application.
  • Easily add cooling capacity to match future IT equipment expansion-add a CoolCube module each time you add another server or UPS
  • Generator Friendly - Low inrush current reduces requirement size for high cooling capacity

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