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The CoolCube 10 base module can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of virtually any application. Below is a list of accessories available for the CoolCube 10. For more detailed information on each accessory, simply roll your mouse over the underlined blue text.

  CC10   CoolCube 10 Module
PT100-1000   Wheel Kit
PT100-1010   Feet Kit
PT100-1021   Stack Kit
PT100-1030   Handle Kit
PT100-1040   Condensate Pump Kit
PT100-1051   Remote Control Pad Kit
RK100-1000   19-Inch Rack Kit
AF100-1000   Six-Inch Nozzle
AF100-1010   90° Eight-Inch Flange
AF100-1020   Eight-Inch Flange
AF100-1030   Rack Diffuser
AF100-1040   Evaporator Plenum
AF100-1050   Condenser Plenum
AF100-1060   Ceiling Tile Kit - (1) Duct
AF100-1070   Ceiling Tile Kit - (2) Ducts
AF100-1080   Eight-Inch Duct - 10 Ft. Long
AF100-1090   Six-Inch Flange
      Preconfigured CC10 Module




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